2021 Seed Library

2021 Seed Library

Paris-Bourbon County Seed Library

Get ready for the 2021 growing season by getting your seeds today! Here's how:

  • Make sure you have your Paris-Bourbon County Library card handy (you must have a Paris-Bourbon County Library card to request seeds).
  • Select your seeds: You may "check out" up to 25 packets of 2021 seeds AND up to 25 packets of 2020 seeds per card. Limit of three packets of each variety per card.
  • Submit your order. If you prefer, you may submit your ordering by calling the Library (859-987-4419), emailing the Library (info@bourbonlibrary.org), or sending the Library a Facebook message, making sure to provide your library card and order information. Please note that paper forms are not being accepted due to COVID-19.
  • A staff member will contact you when your seed order is ready for pickup. Due to COVID-19, we are currently limiting all pickups to our curbside service.

The running total of seeds selected for each year can be found at the bottom of the form. Please note that the submit button will not be available if you have more than 25 packs for any year.

Please enter your 14-digit library card using no spaces or dashes.

Select Your 2021 Seeds and Amounts

Triple-purpose, makes great greens, cooked tops, or pickles.

Arrives early, easily grown, great cooked or raw.

Asian variety cabbage is light, crisp, and easy to grow.

Sweet, long carrots that are easy to grow.

Tender veggie, a good keeper

Classic, disease-resistant salad cucumber for the South.

Lads of fat cukes that are great fresh or pickled.

Graceful flowers with overlapping orange petals.

Native coneflowers are great for pollinators.

Easy to care for with brilliant hues of golden colors.

Light gold and chestnut colored perennial.

Edwardian garden favorite in pink, red, and white. Very fragrant.

Sweet mix of zinnias in crayon box colors with pink cosmos.

Flat petals in a rainbow of colors. Perfect for cutting.

Easy to grow, mounding plant creates a beautiful variety of color.

Pretty purple and lilac wildflower will keep hummingbirds happy.

Lemon-rind color with medium brown centers.

Flowers in all colors keep growing as long as you pick them!

This long standing spinach resists heat and is flavorful.

Heirloom green mustard, great frozen and fresh.

At least eight types of greens from over three continents.

Heat and cold tolerant Asian mustard, beautiful raw or cooked.

A good summer staple of the South.

Heat-tolerant bibb lettuce; an all-American favorite.

Hardy bibb lettuce with red-tinged leaves.

An excellent salad lettuce with a distinctive, nutty flavor.

Purple-red, feathery fronds of kale are flavorful fresh or sauteed.

A Chinese cabbage variety in the mustard family.

Medium-height dill gives great flavor to dishes or pickled vegetables.

Aromatic leaves are great for medicinal purposes or to treat your cat.

A classic flavor for pesto and pizza.

Edible flower variety that attracts pollinators and tastes like cucumbers.

A standby aromatic perennial that is great in the kitchen.

Tall plants with curly flavorful leaves.

Juicy, green-fleshed, medium-sized fruit

Dark green rind spattered with golden spots.

Big, Southern fruit stand classic.

Sweet and spineless.

Pod peas, great for fresh eating, in salads or stir fries.

Productive plants spawn very sweet peas packed in large pods.

Kentucky favorite mild hot pepper, great for poppers & frying.

Horn-shaped pepper that is sweet on salads or great pickled.

This SPICY choice has notes of citrus and is great in salsa.

Old-timey classic bell peppers for fresh, canned, or frozen uses.

Small pie pumpkins are uniform and bright, great for cooking and carving.

Sweet, large radishes have high-quality flesh.

Sweet, tender, mild oblong radishes are red with a bright white tip.

Classic yellow squash that is great in casseroles, salads, and for frying.

Early plants produce fat red slicers.

Deep purple beefsteaks on a robust vine.

Bright red globes on short and stout plants.

Red, sweet plum type that is very heat resistant.

Rich, deep Italian plump tomato. Great for sauce.

Everyone's favorite sandwich tomato, meaty and delicious.

Delicious, bright red slicer produces well and is heat resistant.

Huge yellow and red streaked tomatoes.

Kentucky favorite red slicer and canner since the 1930s.

Small, super-sweet cherry tomatoes, great for snacks and salads.

Select your 2020 Seeds and Amounts

Small head, sweet stalks. Heat tolerant.

Tender, sweet, small -- perfect for snacking & canning.

Soft apricot and peach colored double petal flowers.

Tall, wispy, pink, red, and white blooms. Great cutting flowers.

Dwarf red, gold, and orange flowers help repel nematodes.

Beautiful Kentucky cutting lettuce.

Small butterhead lettuce, perfect for pots!

Beautiful mixture of colored blooms, perfect for cutting.

A hardy butterhead tinged with red and yellow.

Tender, young salad green mix.

A fun baby leaf lettuce, crisp and great for sandwiches & salads.

Giant, delicious dark green leaves.

A kitchen staple for every chef, and a garden staple for every gardener.

Similar to thyme and once used in love potions.

Delicate flavor, frost-tolerant. Also known as Chinese chive.

Flowering herb native to Asia, similar to fennel.

Treat your cat with this houseplant or garden addition.

Easy to grow and great flavor!

Flavorful, lightly spicy herbs great for borders.

Oval melon with deep green skin and salmon colored flesh, very sweet.

Juicy, green-fleshed fruit.

A single-serve 4-6" melon, great for containers.

Round, dark green melon with sweet, red flesh.

Get a head start with these early-maturing peppers.

Round and smooth, these red beauties contain crisp white flesh.

Medium-sized, green rind squash great baked with sugar or in savory dishes.

Big, sweet orange maters. An Iowa heirloom.

Gorgeous dark color, great flavor. Perfect for snacks or salads.

Dusky pink with a rich red interior, these are some of the sweetest tomatoes.

Meaty, firm, bright red tomato. Great for canning or slicing.

High-yielding plants create small-medium fruits great for fresh eating.

Large, red and yellow streaked slicer known for its hint of citrus flavor.

Blocky, large, deep red tomato, great in sauces and juices.

Super sweet red cherry tomato.

Large and juicy, these are great fresh or canned.

Large, red-purple tomatoes with a rich, sweet flavor.

The name says it all! 1-2 lb., crack-free tomatoes that slice well.

Hefty French favorite has minimal seeds and is slightly tart.

Meaty, minimally seeded tomatoes are orange and sweet.

Huge pink tomatoes. Thick, meaty, and delicious.

Nice short vines produce tasty paste tomatoes.

Pink-skinned with mild flavor.

Please note that the submit button will not be available if you have more than 25 packs for any year.