Patron Responsibilities

The Paris-Bourbon County Library staff is dedicated to providing a secure, friendly, helpful environment where patrons are able to conduct their business and interact in a pleasant manner. Our patrons have a role in this as well. As such, the Library has established the following patron responsibilities:

  1. Damaging or tampering with Library property is not permitted.
  2. Recreational use of skateboards, skates, or bicycles is not permitted.
  3. Food and drink are permitted in designated areas only.
  4. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted inside the library or on library property.
  5. In accordance with Library policy 107.011, the use of tobacco products is not permitted anywhere on Library grounds, property, or in the facility.
  6. Bathing, shaving, or washing clothes in restrooms is not permitted.
  7. Interfering with the access, egress or use of Library facilities is not permitted.
  8. Playing of audio equipment without headsets or making unreasonable noise is not permitted.
  9. Harassment, disruptive or threatening behavior, and use of abusive or obscene language are not permitted.
  10. Sleeping is not permitted.
  11. Sexual misconduct is not permitted.
  12. Panhandling, distribution, or selling of non-library approved material is not permitted.
  13. Offensive or pervasive odor that constitutes a nuisance to other patrons or staff is not permitted.
  14. Presence of pests on person, belongings or library materials is not permitted.
  15. Inappropriate use of the Internet or violation of the Library’s Internet Use Policy is not permitted.
  16. Threateningly brandishing any item that is deemed to be a weapon is not permitted.
  17. Possessing, selling, distributing or consuming any illegal controlled substance in unlawful and is not permitted.
  18. Service animals for people with disabilities are welcome. No other animals are permitted.
  19. Shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  20. The Library does not accept or assume responsibility for personal belongings.
  21. The Library does not accept or assume responsibility for unattended children. Police may be notified of unattended children at closing or at any time there is concern for the child’s wellbeing.
  22. Bags and briefcases are subject to inspection at exit.

The Paris-Bourbon County Public Library is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for patrons and staff. Therefore, smoking and tobacco use is prohibited anywhere on the library grounds, in our facility, and in library vehicles. This ban includes tobacco and tobacco products including chewing, rolling of tobacco, any burnable product, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers and pertains to staff, patrons, contractors, and vendors. The policy extends to all property owned by the library.

Library staff reserves the right to ask a patron to leave or call the police if these standards are not followed, if any laws are being broken, or if it is perceived that a potentially dangerous situation exists. Severe or repeated violations may result in denial of Library privileges on a temporary or permanent basis.

The Library Board and Library staff have the right and the responsibility to protect the safety of all Library patrons and materials and to maintain order on Library property.  Occasionally it will be necessary to deal with patrons who create a disturbance or violate the rights of others.  In such situations Library personnel should be aware of applicable Library policies and procedure.  In all cases of theft, vandalism, disruptive behavior, illegal activities or injury, an incident report shall be filed with the Director as soon after the incident as possible, but in no case more than one working day later.  The Library Director or Director’s designee, acting on behalf of the Library Board, may suspend the Library privileges of any person who willfully violates regulations.  Suspension periods may vary with the severity and repetition of the offense, including a one-year suspension for acts or threats of violence against patrons, in addition to other available legal remedies and criminal or civil prosecution.  Severe violations involving the use of weapons or violence may lead to the permanent suspension of Library privileges.

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