Link to Overdrive




The Paris-Bourbon County Library participates in the Kentucky Libraries Unbound consortium. This provides our access to Overdrive, a vast collection of e-books, e-audiobooks, e-videos, and music. All patrons of Library-members have access to the main Overdrive collection, which is growing daily. The Paris-Bourbon County Library is building its own collection within Overdrive. Our mission with this is to purchase copies of popular and interesting titles and make them available solely to our own library patrons. We hope that this will decrease wait times for items.

How the program works:

1)      Click the Overdrive image above

2)      Login with your library card (barcode—all numbers, no spaces or dashes) and your PIN (if you don’t know your PIN, please contact the Library for assistance)

3)      Search, download, and read

Keep in mind, however, that you may need to install Adobe Digital Editions and/or the Overdrive Media Console in order for the materials to work with your device. If you have any questions, contact the Library for assistance.