Public Computers

The Library provides computers and Internet access for patrons of all ages. All Windows and Macintosh public access computers are loaded with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and Publisher) as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer. All Linux public access computers have OpenOffice and Firefox available.

Our simple walk-up, sign-in program allows all library card holders in good standing to sign themselves in for a session. Guests (those who do not have a Library card) can obtain a guest pass from the circulation desk. All patrons are allowed two one-hour sessions per day. In order to allow for fair and equitable access to all, users must wait a minimum of three hours between sessions.

  • Ten (10) computers are provided for adults in the upstairs portion of the Library. Only persons 18 years or older may use these computers.  Nine (9) of the computers are Windows PCs and one (1) is a Macintosh.
  • Three (3) laptops are available for adults or children to use in the upstair or downstairs portion of the Librayr. The computers are installed both with Windows 8 as well as Qimo, a children’s version of the Linux operating System. Qimo is packed with educational games and activities for children ages 2-12. Adults with small children are encouraged to check out a laptop for their child to use while they themselves are using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • One (1) Linux computer dedicated to genealogical and history research is available in the local history section of the Library.
  • Five (5) computers are provided for children in the downstairs portion of the library. Only persons 17 years or younger may use these computers. All dedicated children’s computers are Windows PCs.
  • Two (2) computers are provided for teens (those 12-17) only. These computers are located in the teen area of the Library on the first floor. One (1) is a Macintosh and one (1) is a Linux box. In addition to the standard computer setup, the Macintosh is loaded with Adobe CS Web Premium. The Linux box has many open source programs installed for the teens to use and learn from.


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