What Can I Do at the Library?

“A reader library patron lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

The Paris-Bourbon County Library might be one of the oldest buildings in Paris, but it’s crammed full of new technology and ideas!  We’re not just about books: There’s a huge variety of things to do and places to explore @ your library.  Here, you can play Wii games, download free music (legally!), peer through a telescope, play Clue or Ultimate Frisbee, and watch some classic anime.  Ready to find out more? Follow the links for information about scheduled events, gadgets to play with, and stuff to do at your local public library.


We have three weekly programs for teens, and we have a blast at each and every one! All PBCL teen programs are free and open to the public.








Check out our monthly Activity Calendar for details on other teen programs happening at PBCL.

Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board is a group of local teens who are heavily involved in planning programs, volunteering, and shaping the future of Teen Services at PBCL.  For information on applying to be on the TAB, contact Teen Services Librarian Beth Dunston.

Resources for Teens

Need a book for class or an idea for a science project? We’ve got you covered!  Want to write your own graphic novel?  Go to town on the Teen iMac!  Have a craving for free Adele music? We can hook you up!  Take a look at the resources for school (but mostly for fun) @ your library.


  • Search our catalog for classics and the newest, most talked-about YA fiction, nonfiction, audiobooks & graphic novels!
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog, look for it online!  Use your library card number and PIN to log in to Kentucky Libraries Unbound.  Check out ebooks and audiobooks for free.  Read or listen on your tablet computer, laptop, iPod, or smartphone.
  • Download three songs per week for free using our new music service Freegal!  Browse songs from every genre, from classical music to pop hits from artists like Adele and the cast of Glee.  All you need is your library card!

PBCL now provides monthly comic books to our teen and juvenile readers, delivered each month from LCS Heroes Realm! Here’s a list of our current titles:

Adventure Time   Avengers Arena   Batman   Green Lantern   Justice League   My Little Pony

Nova   Teen Titans   Ultimate Spider-Man  Young Avengers

We also have a sizeable manga collection that is growing every day.  Browse our YAG collection for popular and new titles such as Fullmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Black Butler, Animal Land, Barrage, and more!!!

Online Entertainment

  • Join the Nerdfighter movement by checking out YA author John Green and his brother Hank’s vlogbrothers YouTube channel.  Full of hilarious and awesome shorts, songs, and community service ideas, this YouTube channel is perfect for satisfying your inner nerd’s guilty pleasures.  DFTBA!
  • Get up to speed on the latest prom styles, indie music acts, and celebrity gossip with Teen Vogue’s online news magazine.
  • Get the latest scoop on pop culture with IGN, your one-stop shop for all things geek & gaming news!
  • Pinterest is where your next big art idea is coming from!


  • Don’t miss out on World Book Web! This easy-to-use, easy-to-understand online encyclopedia has everything you need for a research project.  Find reliable information on almost every subject possible, all for free!  This handy online resource even has ideas for science fair projects, research tips, the latest news and current events, and a biography database that will make your history report a breeze.  Dive into Info Finder, a version of WBW exclusively for teens!
  • Impress your teacher with reliable, scholarly articles from KYVL, the Kentucky Virtual Library.  Browse databases like EBSCOHost and Academic Search Premier to find the latest and greatest research on a topic of your choice.  Why settle for general Google information when you can quote statistics and use phrases like “electromagnetic propulsion?”


  • Teen iMac:  This iMac is equipped with a gigantic screen and Adobe creative software like Photoshop and Dreamweaver.  Also check out Manga Studio, a breathtaking program used by professional comic creators to draw and polish published manga and graphic novels: Make your own professional-grade comics @ your library!  And to top it all off, the iMac is equipped with a bamboo pad that gives you the fine control of a pen or pencil without having to deal with the hassle of a mouse.  Come create like a pro!
  • Teen Linux: The Ubuntu operating system is the hippest and most secure software for a computer on the market today.  Preferred by computer whizzes all over the world, the Linux software is a must-see experience for anyone interested in going into a computer-based career.

Resources for Teachers

PBCL is committed to serving the needs of high school and middle school teachers all across the Paris-Bourbon County area.  Here are a few ways we can help educators during this school year and beyond!

Learning 2 Go

What is Learning 2 Go?  Learning 2 Go is a theme-based kit prepared for a high school or middle school audience by the Teen Services Librarian at PBCL.  Themes can range from a specific classical work (like Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen) to a specific concept (like space travel) to a period in history (World War I, e.g.).   The themed kit comes with related library materials (at least 12 items, including, if desired, audiobooks and DVDs), a reading guide for your students, and, if desired, ideas for classroom activities.  Teachers have a lot to do, and we want to help out as much as we can!

How do I request Learning 2 Go?  Use this online form to request a L2G kit. The kit must be requested at least 7-14 days in advance or the request may not be honored.  Your L2G kit will remain at the downstairs circulation desk for two days.  It can be picked up by the teacher requesting the kit or the school librarian.  Please let us know by phone if you can’t pick it up within the first two days – arrangements can be made, but the kit will be disassembled after two days on hold if no one has picked it up or called ahead.

School Library Card

Please contact Beth Dunston, Suzanne Rogers, or Mark Adler about acquiring a library card for your classroom, department, or school.  Your school library may already have a card – contact your librarian for details.  If approved, your school library card will allow you to check out items without having to use your personal library card account.  You and the school will still be responsible for damaged or missing items.  Damaged, missing, or overdue items may result in the blocking of your school account until items are returned or paid for.

Traditional Bank Telescope

The library has acquired a state-of-the-art telescope with funds generously donated by Traditional Bank.  This telescope is intended to be not only a resource for library programs throughout the year but also a possible resource for science teachers studying astronomy.  Please contact Teen Librarian Beth Dunston or Director Mark Adler if you desire to use our telescope for an evening during the school year.  Use of the telescope must be scheduled well in advance (at least one month’s notice), since a staff member is required to accompany it at all times.  Weather is obviously an unknown factor when scheduling, and the library can reschedule a telescope viewing up to three days in advance if cloudy or stormy weather is predicted by the National Weather Service.

The 6” aperture telescope is capable of seeing nearby planets, lunar surface features, and nearby nebulae and globular clusters on clear, dark nights.  Librarians can help create a viewing plan if we are notified of desired observation goals.

Research Tools

World Book Web can be accessed for free via the Paris-Bourbon County Library’s website.  The World Book Online Info Finder is specifically designed for the needs of middle and high school students.  It has science fair project ideas, current events, research and writing tips, a biography database, and a reliable online encyclopedia with thousands of articles on a wide variety of subjects.  A perfect starting point for a research project!

The Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) is a collection of online databases filled with reliable and current scholarly articles on nearly every subject under the Sun.  A great exercise in scholarly online research for college-bound students.

Rocket Languages is a new online tool designed to make the process of learning a new language easy, interactive, and fast.  A library card and PIN are required to log in to this free service.

Freegal is an exciting new service that allows you to download three songs for free per week using your library card and PIN.  Browse a selection of world music, classical works, and contemporary pop.  The songs are yours to keep and can be burned onto a CD or played on a smartphone, computer, or iPod.  Best of all, it’s all completely legal.

Have a great school year, and thanks from the library for all you do for your community!


If you have any questions about any of these services, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Beth Dunston

859-987-4419 Ext. 111



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Paris, Kentucky 40361
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